Online travel and shopping are not core businesses for us; do we risk confusing or even diminishing user engagement by commercializing the relationship via a non-core channel?

Great question! Keep in mind that everyone is already a consumer and most are shopping online today anyway. Why not allow them to earn Cash Back from a program you are providing them, especially a program that they cannot participate in otherwise? The opposite of your concern is generally true – the consumer benefits will serve to ingratiate you with your clientele and your brand will be enhanced. Keep in mind, many global corporations have rewards programs that have nothing to do with their core competency but maintain them due to the goodwill it extends to its customer base. Your business deserves nothing less . The program gives you and the consumer an opportunity to capitalize on the things they are doing everyday anyway so why not allow them to come through your website and become more aware of your core business in the process? The benefits to you are increased awareness and goodwill.

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