There are many loyalty and rewards programs in the market today. Why should we consider BSP Rewards?

BSP is an all-encompassing program ~ others are generally limited to one form of reward. We have multiple forms of reward and “stackable savings ” programs. The Partner Program allows you to monetize your current contact email list, while simultaneously building loyalty and retention in a way that doesn’t conflict with your core business and requires minimal organizational resources. With BSP’s simple and fast registration process, your Partner Program can be launched within one week. BSP has the technology and resources, which allows you to stay focused on your core business while BSP does the work! In addition to your co-branded site, BSP supports your marketing outreach with a host of marketing materials located in your Partner Program administrative area. Additionally, analytics makes communication and marketing campaigns with your buying base more precise and value driven. The BSP model shortens the sales cycle from months to days, producing Partner revenue more quickly.

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