How does the BSP Partner Program benefit non-profits?

BSP understands that non-profit organizations are constantly looking for new methods to fund their respective causes. The BSP Partner Program’s turnkey solution benefits non-profits of all types as it supports ongoing fundraising efforts. The Partner Program assists in improving your retention rate among your community of investors, corporate donors, individual donors and other constituents. Non-profits receive the same benefits as a for-profit partner, without the associated costs, providing that the non-profit partner abides by the provided marketing guidelines. The Partner Program does not require your supporters to do anything they are not already doing ~ just to do it through you so that you both reap the rewards.

  • No set-up costs
  • No annual maintenance fees
  • BSP provides Marketing Support
  • Partner Account Management (Support)

Therefore, BSP delivers a high return on investment (ROI) because there is no investment on the Partner’s part; yet you leverage the full benefit of the co-branded products and services. This value-added program complements your core message by providing your donors with an additional professional, appealing reason to visit your organizational website. This improves engagement and attraction to your core products and services. Think of the Partner Program as an extension of your brand, building your brand by giving your donors a valuable reason to return to your website repeatedly.

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